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Monthly Moon Circle

25th March- 8.30pm CET/7.30pm UK

  The full moon is an invitation to embrace the healing power of the pause, turn inward and retreat and prioritize quiet time, introspection and respect our creative energy. Every month we will explore different aspects of the moon. Some months we will dance and some months we will be still and do some nourishing restorative poses.  This year we will be introducing womb awakening to our monthly moon circles led by practioner Naomi Newlan.


Presented by Kate Gardner & Naomi Newlan 

Kate Gardner is a Yoga teacher and menopause mentor that works holistically with clients to look at all elements of their life having felt such life-changing symptoms of perimenopause herself. She connects with others on this journey and helps them to cope with everyday life through yoga and consultation when it's needed. 

We have a special guest this month, Naomi Newlan of White Sage Healing is a Kundalini yoga teacher, a Kundadance ® ️ teacher, a womb awakening facilitator and soon to be Ayurvedic postpartum doula. She will be sharing a movement / womb practice and kundalini mantra meditation for honoring the light within.

Full Moon

Monthly Moon Circles will Include

Opening and themed mediation sharing

Movement, Womb Meditation and Kundalini mantra with Naomi

Journal with a prompt that I will give you to create some context for you.

End by getting snuggly and settling into a yoga nidra to reset the nervous system and relax and unwind.

You will need a pen & journal. 

A yoga mat or a towel (you can also lay on your bed) 

Some cushions or rolled up towels so you can lay comfortable for the meditation.


Option to bring Anything you like to incorporate into your ceremony crystals, incense, candles, essential oils even nice blankets / get cozy.

This is a FREE event

Kate & Naomi x

Monday March 25th th 8.30pm CET/7.30pm GMT

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