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Nourish to Flourish

A 21 day program for women to feel great from peri to post menopause!
Course coming in April

Naomi and Kate will be offering Nourish to Flourish, a 21 day program for women in peri to post menopause sharing yoga, kundadance (a blend of dance and kundalini where we dance the chakras), womb awakening, self massage, essential oils and weekly circles, menopause sharing, chats and much more more! This is not a strict cleanse or a detox rather a re-learning of how to care for ourselves on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level in a safe and loving community.


This is our body of work. We are both in our 50s and living in our light in second spring aka post menopause! We are passionate about helping women navigate this natural life transition which often includes loss of loved ones, divorce, grief, teenage kids, physical symptoms and emotional challenges.


Kate Gardner & Naomi Newlan 

Kate Gardner is a yoga teacher, menopause yoga teacher and hormone yoga therapy teacher. She is  menopause wellbeing practioner who works holistically with clients to look at all elements of their life having felt such life-changing symptoms of perimenopause herself. 

Naomi Newlan of White Sage Healing is mamma to Sebastian and Lelia.  Kundadance® (kundalini yoga fusion chakra dance) Yoga Teacher, Womb Awakening Facilitator, Ayurvedic Practitioner including massage and energy clearing and Spirit Painter.

Our practices compliment each other. We have a similar essence, yet different styles to provide you with a wider range of tools to experience and weave into your daily life.  Our aim is that you leave this transformative 21 days feeling nourished with skills and a community for life. 


Nourish to Flourish

Yoga, meditation, mantra, intuitive movement, kundadance, womb awakening,

self massage, essential oils and weekly circles, Ayurveda and more...

What you will get from us:

2x 121 Mentoring sessions with Kate


2x Womb awakening sessions with Naomi

6 x  Live 30 minute classes per week 

4 x  75 Minute Live Sessions   

3 pre recorded self care sessions

A Comprehensive Ebook to guide you through the course that you keep as a reference

A pre recorded 4 part course on navigating menopause 

A pre recorded course on understanding your Ayurvedic dosha  

If you can't join live / the Recordings will be available for duration of course

See schedule below [please note this is CET schedule UK times are 1 hour earlier than listed 

Early bird price €149 if booked on or before the Friday 1st March

Enter promo code 'NOURISH' to claim thereafter price €199 ​

Program starts on Monday 25th March ends 22nd April

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