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Essential Oils For Immunity

8th January - 8pm  Spain / 7pm UK

Join us on Monday 8th January as we share some of our favourite essential oils to use for immunity.   Essential oils are a safe and easy way to support your immune system naturally. This class is for everyone, if you are new to oils or if you already have them.


Presented by Kate, Rachel and Pernilla 

Kate is a yoga teacher and menopause mentor and has worked with doterra for seven years. Rachel Is a  yoga teacher and health coach who uses the oils in every aspect of her life. Pernilla is a naturopathic coach and aromatherapist who shares the oils with her family and clients. All of us have worked with doterra essential oils for many years and we are very passionate about sharing them.

Flowers and Nails

How Do Essential Oils Support Us?

Essential oils can help our body to get back into balance and support us with reducing stress and helping us have better sleep.  Furthermore they are naturally anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial. They support us in preventative healthcare.

During this session we will:

​Open with a short breathing practice.

We will cover a short introduction to immunity and how doterra oils can support you.

We will present three or four of our favourite immune supporting oils.

The session will last for 30  minutes and will be time for questions 

You will need a pen & notepad and if you have oils please bring them along.

The price of the class is FREE if you have a doterra account or are a subscriber or member of my website, if you would like samples then the cost is €10 and you will receive samples to try before the class.

Monday 8th January- CET 7pm GMT

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